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Catalyst Team Building is operated in Canada by Eventology under an exclusive license. With more than 20 years of team building experience and a passion for bringing people together, Eventology offers unique, world-class events tailored specifically to the needs of clients from coast to coast.

About us

At Eventology, our goal is to create engaging, educational, and inspirational events that get teams communicating and working together effectively. We believe that the process of working in a team should be as fun and exciting as the end result.

Our experienced, professional staff are committed to designing and delivering the highest quality team building events in Canada. Whether your team is in Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, Kitchener, Montreal, Quebec City, Victoria, Halifax, Vancouver or beyond, Eventology can deliver the event that best suits your team’s goals and budget.

We pride ourselves on being original, proven, and dedicated in our endeavour towards helping others achieve lasting organizational change. We stand out from our competitors because we are always looking for new concepts and ideas.

Why Catalyst?

Catalyst Global is widely known as the world leader in innovative team building with representatives in over 40 regions worldwide. Constantly creating and developing new team building and motivational concepts, Catalyst Global partners pride themselves on attention to detail, high standards of delivery, extensive experience, and an all-embracing portfolio of bespoke and off-the-shelf programs. Further, with the largest global network of team building companies, Catalyst Global is able to deliver consistent high quality team building programs anywhere in the world.

Working with you

We believe that powerful teams are built on a foundation of good leadership, communication, teamwork, and constructive feedback. We work with you to design a team building program that matches the specific needs of your team. Our team has a wide range of knowledge, skills, and experience. We work to ensure that each individual in your team feels connected to the group’s greater achievement and success. In doing so, we guarantee that your team's experiential learning program will be enjoyable, challenging and constructive with lasting benefits.  

To find out more about how we can work with you to tailor a solution that best matches your team’s needs, contact us.