DStv Digital Media smash team building record

Published on Mar. 13, 2017

In February, teams from DStv Digital Media smashed the current record beating over 600 teams worldwide. Dream Team Catalyst ran 6 Beat the Box sessions over 15 and 16 February. On day one, everyone was amazed as Team 2 broke the current world record. But they held the honor for less than 24 hours as on day 2, spurred on by challenge set, Team 5 broke their record to become the new World Beat the Box champions setting the fastest time since records began in January 2016. Facilitators from Dream Team Catalyst praised participants for their ability to quickly realise the importance of collaborating in this seemingly competitive only game and then more importantly devise and execute a flawless plan to share knowledge and leverage all the 22 team members’ strengths.

Beat the Box is an original team building game, in which teams combine their various skills to complete a series of challenges, puzzles, conundrums, logic problems and activities, developing creative solutions to crack a code. To win they must enter the code into a wireless keypad and unlock the box before the time elapses! Beat the Box entered the market in 2016 distributed through the Catalyst Global team building network. It soon soared to popularity across Catalyst Global network’s 52 representative countries.

It has captured the imagination of organizations all over the world and the competition is hot! Strict rules have been adopted to ensure that scores are taken and recorded accurately. The new benchmark, set by DStv Digital Media, is now an incredible 55 mins and 30 seconds. With hundreds of teams across 6 continents participating in this popular team building event, how long can this record stand? Could it possibly go below 55 mins?

The program with DStv Digital Media is part of an ongoing training and team building program which commenced in 2016. The program, uniquely designed by Dream Team Catalyst, South Africa in close consultation with DStv Digital Media, ensures lasting, memorable outcomes long after the activities are complete. The program kicked off last September with Orchestate! another highly engaging and rewarding team building program from the Catalyst Global suite of products in which individuals come together in less than 2 hours and play as an orchestra. The collaborative joy on the faces of the participants in the video brings tears to your eyes! In the next step of the program, teams from DStv Digital Media went on to participate in FreshBiz workshops, game-based training that develops entrepreneurial thinking. Fresh Biz which is distributed through the Catalyst Global network has been delivered to over 50,000 workshop participants in 20 countries with huge success.

DStv Digital Media is ranked among the top employers in the Careers in Africa Employer of Choice maintaining a strong reputation for being a great place to work. For over 25 years, Dream Team Catalyst have delivered fun, engaging team building and training programs which build trust, collaboration and communication to enhance work happiness for individuals and excellent outcomes for businesses.

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