Home Retail Group focus on organisational values

Published on Apr. 24, 2015

Home Retail Group recently spent one and a half days participating in a series of team building activities to enhance team work, communication and collaboration skills, as well as, explore company values together.

Boom Time

They smiled and laughed as they create adrenaline-pumping music in Catalyst Global's unique conference energiser, Boom Time. This infectious icebreaker transformed the Home Retail conference room into a colourful, fast-paced orchestra engaging, enthusing and energising everyone!

Creative Juices

The team from Home Retail Group participated in Catalyst Global’s interactive business game, Creative Juices. Using organic juices, teams pretended to represent a division of a global juice company facing logistical issues, setting up international deliveries and planning ahead under tight deadlines. Through working together in Creative Juices to solve a series of complex distribution issues, among other things, team explored company values, project management, strategic planning, and communication and cross functional co-operation.

Flat Out Pyramid Puzzle

Next, the teams engaged in strategic planning, networking and problem solving with a shared vision and goals to create a giant Pyramid in popular team building activity, Flat Out Pyramid

“As an organisation we are at the stage of seeking the next step and moving the business forward and as an important part of that is to embed a different mindset and therefore a change in culture, and the way we decided to do that was around a set of values that we are looking to implement in the organisation. So those are our objectives. They have absolutely been met by the events we have had over the last couple of days. There has been a lot of energy, a lot of activities that have been constructed around our values and it’s been an incredibly successful event.”
Anthony Sutcliffe, Managing Director, Home Retail Group in Asia.
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