Decision Making

Effectively selecting of a course of action from several possibilities together as a team.

decision making

Decision-making is a process that results in the selection of a course of action or belief from several alternative possibilities. Without a process, decision making can be difficult for individuals and even more so for teams. Over analysis of the objectives and the alternatives on offer can lead to information overload and paralyse the decision making process. Making decisions as a team requires a constructive environment where people have freedom to voice their opinion within established rules of communication. It is critical that consensus is gained from all members of the team.

As a first step, investigate the situation in detail, determine the objectives and then place these in order of importance. Next, develop alternative actions and evaluate these against the objectives. This process will realise one option that best meets the objectives. Once the best solution is selected evaluate the plan honestly considering any adverse consequences that could arise. Next communicate the decision and take action.Further analyse the plan and take additional steps to avoid any problems from arising. Team building activities which involve role playing and simulate project planning can be used as a experiential learning tool for decision making.

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