Managing Change

A strategic leader and clear communication can gain commitment from all stakeholders.

managing change in an organisation

Change management is techniques and processes used to prepare, equip and support individuals to embrace, adapt and utilise change in the workplace. The business environment is constantly shifting with heightened global competition demanding effective businesses be agile and in a state of change. Leaders are thereby required to strategically plan for this change. Since ultimately change is realised by the actions of the employees, a deep understanding of the company’s culture, values, people and behaviours is imperative. Change inevitably causes uncertainty and resistance in individuals at all levels of a business. Gaining the understanding and commitment of leadership and key stakeholders will enable them to be convinced of the need for change and equipped to support the people in their teams through the change process.

Throughout the change process, clear and practical communication which is well timed and constant is of critical importance to the success of change. The change program needs to be continually reassessed and adjusted. People are creatures of habit. It is important that the naysayers are silenced or removed. Rewarding and giving recognition to teams and individuals visibly reinforces the value of embracing change and overcomes addiction to the status quo. Team building exercises are an effective tool in bringing about the realisation of the necessity for change. They are a known method of informally communicating strategies to effect change and discuss issues that may arise due to change.

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