Talent Scout

Put together a team with the right players matching talent with customer needs.

10 minutes - 1 hour
12 - Unlimited


In Talent Scout, the challenge is simple. Participants receive a project brief and put together a team with all the right players to meet the customers' needs. All the required talents and skills are on cards which are distributed among the participants. But its not that easy. Just like a real world situation, skills are limited causing competition for skills. As a result teams constantly form and reform, ensuring diverse interactions in the group.

Learning Outcomes

Change management and efficient negotiation are explored in this fast paced experiential business game. A constant stream of project briefs requires the rapid formation of a varied series of talent pools. Participants constantly monitor ROI while building the trusting relationships which lead to success. Quality results flow from a balance between effective negotiation and speed to market.

Related Testimonial

What an effective business simulation. Really brought out the competitive tiger in some people. It was interesting watching people wheel and deal their way into the right talent pool. Great fun! Really set the tone for our discussion on competitive advantage and speed to market. Highly recommended.


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