Robot Revolution

Build working robots and program them to complete a series of challenges

1 - 3 hours
6 - Unlimited


Teams represent a group of research scientists tasked with building and programming a robot that will form the basis for a new standard for COBOTS (collaborative robots that physically interact with humans in a shared work space. This is in contrast with other robots, designed to operate autonomously or with limited guidance). Teams compete with their eye on the prestigious ROBEL Prize for technology.

Teams get creative building their Robots. Next they connect them via Bluetooth. Each team selects from a variety of robotic actions available to choose something they can achieve within the time frame that meets the desired outcomes. They follow the easy step-by-step 3D, 360° instructions found on the Robot App in the Robot Revolution team kit. They use the "Blockly" coding menu to bring their creation to life! The grand finale is a high energy competitive challenge that provides an entertaining and rousing spectacle.

Learning Outcomes

Building the robot is a thoroughly engaging and enriching learning process. Team members have fun working together in this creative, hands on process.

Decisions on what tasks the robot will perform draws on collaborative decision making skills and effective communication. Managing the multiple tasks of creating a precise test track and programming specific moves requires effective delegation and resource management. Individual strengths shine as the fundamentals of team dynamics are challenged while taking part in this experiential learning activity.

Applying consistent focus with attention to detail to designated tasks is important while keeping focus on the overall project objectives and avoiding silo mentality.

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What a novel, engaging experience, Robot Revolution is. We had so much fun and learned so much. We left feeling like experts!

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